Why DOOR CANcer?

Your donation goes to cancer patients, not administration
DOOR CANcer has no paid director, employees or office, so practically your entire charitable donation goes directly to helping individuals and families. All time is donated. Board members and volunteers are involved for purely selfless reasons. We have earned the trust of a growing donor base by providing complete accountability and true transparency. Donors have peace of mind, knowing that their gift brings maximum benefit to those in need.

Fast, flexible and confidential approach to giving
At DOOR CANcer, we work with a sense of urgency. We understand cancer patients have to deal with healthcare, insurance and governmental red tape at a time when they are the most vulnerable. We move as quickly as possible to help pay expenses no one else covers—food, housing, utilities, phone, transportation, gas, heating bills, insurance and other every day living expenses. Our support is confidential, ensuring the privacy of recipients.

Helps people with cancer before they lose everything
It’s not enough that cancer ruins your body and your mind—it’s expensive and can drain every penny you have, even if you have insurance. DOOR CANcer was conceived on the principle that having cancer should not ruin your life and that of your family. That’s why we help people maintain their lifestyle when they go through treatment. We do what we can to offset the loss of work and excessive medical costs faced by cancer patients.

All board members lives have been touched by cancer
Helping those struggling with cancer is a cause near and dear to the hearts of all DOOR CANcer board members. All of us have a direct, personal connection with those who have been afflicted with this insidious disease. We work with empathy and compassion because we know what the patient and family are going through.
20-year-old locally run and operated cancer charity
DOOR CANcer has pulled local residents and businesses together to help those in the area battling cancer. All donations stay in Door County and are not sent to regional or national organizations. DOOR CANcer has a proven track record of improving the lives of hundreds of cancer patients and their families. We also provided funding for the establishment of the Door County Cancer Center, which allows patients to receive radiation, treatments and other services close to home.